Yoga is a form of mind-body exercise that combines mental focus with controlled breathing, coordinated movement, and sustained postures. Practicing yoga has many benefits, including developing strength, improving flexibility, improving breathing skills, enhancing relaxation, and expanding meditation skills. Other positive results of yoga include stress management, fall prevention, and athletic performance recovery.

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Yoga-based training enhances rehabilitation programs by:

  • Correcting faulty movement patterns
  • Developing proper breathing technique
  • Improving foundation for balanced movement
  • Increasing core stabilization
  • Restoring postural imbalances
  • Reintroducing yoga poses safely
  • Gaining mind-body awareness with movement
  • Enhancing relaxation training skills
Yoga-based rehabilitation program

Our yoga-based rehabilitation program compliments traditional rehabilitation therapies and promotes healing. Our trained therapists will review your diagnosis and perform a comprehensive patient assessment, as well as consider any past experience you have with yoga practice. They will then design a customized, yoga-based rehabilitation plan that enhances your existing therapy program.

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